‘A lady her age, performing Da Butt like that? ‘ E. U. ‘s Sugar Bear on Glenn Close’s Oscars rump shake


In an Oscars ceremony filled with surprises, perhaps the biggest came when 74-year-old Glenn Close dropped a few detailed knowledge about “Da Butt” — then jumped from her seat and did the dance that gave the late-’80s go-go traditional its name.

Spun on Sunday simply by Oscars DJ Questlove included in a bit about the awards’ background with various songs through movies, “Da Butt” was written by the Washington, D. C., group Experience Unlimited, much better known as E. U., meant for Spike Lee’s 1988 movie “School Daze. ” It didn’t score an Oscar nomination, though the song capped Billboard’s R& B chart and became a staple of go-go, the danceable funk style that Chemical. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser last year designated as Washington’s official music.

As The Times reported Sunday , Close’s participation, including her name-check of E. U. frontman Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliot, was scripted in advance. But that didn’t seem to have got dimmed Elliot’s enthusiasm about “Da Butt’s” viral second when we reached him over the phone at a D. C. recording studio Monday early morning.

Experience Unlimited's Valentino "Tino" Gordon Jackson, Gregory "Sugar Bear' Elliot and Kent Wood

Valentino “Tino” Gordon Knutson, Gregory “Sugar Bear’ Elliot and Kent Wood associated with E. U. in 06 1989.

(Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)


Were you watching the particular Oscars last night?
No . People called me personally and told me to watch it, and I caught it just in time. I said, “Wow! ”

So obviously you didn’t know about the bit in advance.
No, I didn’t. At all.

Are you friendly with Questlove?
Yeah, I know him. I don’t understand Glenn Close though. Well, I knew her from “Fatal Attraction, ” film production company. Great actress.

Did you care that the bit with “Da Butt” was scripted?
Nah. She did a great job. A lady the girl age, doing Da Butt like that? Come on, man.

Did you might have any sense when you documented “Da Butt” that it might go on to have such a longevity?
I by no means thought it would be half — not even a fraction as big as it is. And now it’s even now being played 32 many years later. That is amazing. I actually thank God for allowing it to happen.

Do you recall any talk back in the day that it should’ve been nominated for an Oscar?
We were Grammy-nominated [for R&B performance by a duo or group with vocal], so that alone was a mind-blower. To be talked about among all the greats, that will right there was an motivation.

You do have a favorite song about butts besides “Da Butt”?
Well, “Da Butt” is my favorite song of all time. But you can go from “Da Butt” to “We Are One” by Frankie Beverly & Maze and “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. I got a wide variety of music in my life.


Any ideas on D. C. ’s drive for statehood?
It’s way overdue. We paying taxes for exactly what? For nothing. We have no voice.

Feel great about your chances?
You always obtain that hope. But many I can say is we will see.