One more Oscars, another round of In Memoriam snubs: Where was Adam Schlesinger?


Oscars, every time you need to do that thing you do, a person leave people out. We’re talking, of course , about the yearly In Memoriam segment.

Where had been musician Adam Schlesinger’s title during Sunday night’s portion, fans are asking on social media. Naya Rivera? Where, for goodness’ sake, had been Jessica Walter?

“Tonight, we want to celebrate the artists who gave us permission to fantasy, ” said actress Angela Bassett, who introduced the segment Sunday night. “The technical pioneers and innovators who expanded our experience of movie love. Let us as one community say, thank you. You might remain as we remember a person in our hearts, always. ”

In addition to mentioning Hollywood’s losses previously year, Bassett acknowledged the greater than 3 million people globally who have died from COVID-19 amid the outbreak, as well as those who fell as to what she called “the violence of inequality, injustice, hate, racism and poverty. ”


The 2021 memorial went by at machine-gun speed, rat-a-tat-tatting 95 names and faces in 2 a few minutes and 45 seconds to the sounds of Stevie Wonder’s “As. ” If the deceased had a serious place in movie history they got a complete second up on screen — maybe two. The number of encounters seen was only an one fourth of the 380 film-industry experienced on the particular academy’s full list of those who flushed since the 2020 Oscars.

As for the missing persons, names are typically skipped if the actors worked primarily in television rather than films. After all, this is movies’ large night — we merely watch it on our televisions. That was the case with Rivera, whose movie work was incidental. The “Glee” celebrity, who drowned last summer , did not even make the extended checklist on the Oscars’ website, which usually does include Walter.

And fitting 380 people into a space that holds only 95 is really a fairly impossible task.

But that doesn’t actually excuse the absence of “That Thing You need to do! ” songwriter Schlesinger from the video. Indeed, he was an actual Oscar nominee for original track for the 1996 film’s name track. (Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wound up winning for “You Must Love Me” from “Evita. ”)

Schlesinger, who died last year of COVID-19 complications, is named in the motion picture academy’s In Memoriam web page, but without a photograph.


“Adam Schlesinger was nominated for an Oscar for writing ‘That Point You Do! ’ in 1997, ” tweeted actress Rachel Bloom, who worked with Schlesinger on the TV show “Crazy Former girlfriend. ” “I don’t understand why he wasn’t in the official In Memoriam segment tonight (especially because he had written one of the greatest film songs of all time) so I’m praising him here. ”

Many others were overlooked of the video but appear online, among them “Re-Animator” writer-director Stuart Gordon, “Chariots of Fire” actor Ben Cross, “Micki + Maude” celebrity Ann Reinking and “The Day of the Jackal” acting professional Michael Lonsdale. And actor Orson Bean had the misfortune of dying 2 days before the 2020 Oscars, but he made the 2021 list.

Alas, not the video.