Take note to ‘Thor’ star Bob Hemsworth: Superman would never by pass ‘leg day’


Hey, Superman wouldn’t ignore “leg day. ”

That’s the information “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth is hearing on social media marketing after he posted a photo where his gams looked super-skimpy in comparison with his buffed upper body.

“Holding my little man’s hand and asking him the age old question. ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’ ‘Dad i wanna be Superman, ’” the actor wrote Monday on Instagram, captioning a shot of himself in a tank top plus shorts walking with one of his twin sons, in whose red cape was visible rather than his 7-year-old encounter. “Lucky I have two some other kids. ”

Of program the munchkin had to go with the wrong super-hero and cinematic universe. However the DC-Marvel joke was lost on many of Hemsworth’s buddies, family and fans, who selected instead to tease the particular muscled actor over his chicken legs, which in the particular photo looked like sticks supporting a cake pop.


“Bro?! You’ve been missing leg days again?!, ” brother Luke Hemsworth blurted in comments, echoing the particular hordes of commenting fans ripping on the big-screen super-hero for his skinny comes.

“Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, “Wonder Woman” lead Gal Gadot and “Avengers” nemesis Josh Brolin just laughed — and added a few coronary heart emojis to the mix to ease the pain.

One note to help “Thor” fans sleep better at night after viewing Hemsworth’s scrawny calves: His legs looked far more proportional in a video that was posted in mid-April but looks like it was chance the same day as the picture. In it, Papa H is seen “sparring” with his costumed kiddo, whom he introduced in the caption as “the following heavy weight champion from the universe. ”