Royal prince Philip had a rich Showmanship history. Here’s how he was depicted in movie and TV


Prince Philip, Fight it out of Edinburgh — who died Friday at 99 — spent most of their life as a stalwart companion to their bride , who grew to become Queen Elizabeth II suddenly in 1956. Through all those many years, in addition to several documentaries where he appeared as themselves, the prince was pictured by a variety of actors inside movies and television.

The most recent plus high-profile depiction has been upon Netflix’s hit series “The Crown, ” where Philip was played at numerous ages by two different British actors, with a third upcoming in the series’ 5th and sixth seasons. A north american was cast as Philip in “The Queen, ” while one of his real-life friends took the reins in a 1982 TV movie for CBS. He has been even portrayed in one more TV movie by the actor or actress who menaced Middle-earth because Saruman in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies.

Curious about how Hollywood sees Prince Philip? Here are the actors who have taken on the role through the years — and one who will enjoy him in the near future.


‘The Crown’: Matt Jones, Tobias Menzies, Jonathan Pryce, Finn Elliot

Jonathan Price sits in a gray chair in front of a red backdrop

Jonathan Pryce has been cast as Knight in shining armor Philip in seasons five and 6 of Netflix’s “The Crown. ”

(Michael Nagle or For The Times)

Despite being fiction , “The Crown” has done a lot in the last five years to help make Americans and others feel like these people know a bit about the Uk royal family. Prince Philip was played by Matt Smith in the series’ initial two seasons, followed by Tobias Menzies in the third and fourth. Jonathan Pryce will take the reins as Philip in the coming fifth and sixth seasons. Also, Finn Elliot — who can be observed in the video at the top of this particular story — played a new Philip in three episodes of the show, across seasons 2 and 3.

“He’s torn between the duty to their wife and a duty to himself, ” Smith told The Times about his Philip character. “And I found that conflict very interesting to explore and play because he’s pulled in two different instructions constantly. No other man for the reason that period would kneel before his wife or stroll two feet behind her. That was very difficult for him. ”


Claire Foy and Matt Smith as the queen and Prince Philip in "The Crown"

Matt Smith played a young Prince Philip to Claire Foy’s Cal king Elizabeth II in times 1 and 2 associated with “The Crown. ”

(Robert Viglasky and Netflix)

Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip, standing in a small crowd

Tobias Menzies as Royal prince Philip in Season a few of Netflix’s “The Overhead. ”

(Des Willie / Netflix)

‘The Queen’: James Cromwell

James Cromwell and Helen Mirren in "The Queen"

James Cromwell is Prince Philip and Helen Mirren is Cal king Elizabeth II in “The Queen. ”

(Pathe / Kobal / Shutterstock)


James Cromwell, an American, played Philip opposite Sue Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II, a performance that will won her an Oscar in 2007. The New York Times said Cromwell played out Philip as a “dim bulb, ” one of a throw of secondary characters who seem to “prove especially crucial mainly because it’s through their dealings with the queen, their awe and boobishness… that we start to get a handle on her. ” Cromwell was nominated for an Oscar in 1995 with regard to “Babe”; he starred in HBO’s “Six Feet Under” and the movie “L. A. Confidential, ” to name only a few of his many credit.

‘The Queen’s Corgi’: Tom Courtenay

Actor Tom Courtenay stands in the rain under a clear umbrella

Ben Courtenay at the 2016 elite of “Dad’s Army” working in london.

(Joel Ryan / Associated Push )

This is a weird one: In this 2019 animated European film, distinguished for the lousy reviews that resulted in a 0% critics rating on website Rotten Tomato vegetables, British actor Tom Courtenay provided the voice from the Prince Philip character. Within the film, the queen’s preferred corgi, Rex, a gift from Philip, gets sent to the particular pound and lost after — no lie — he accidentally flies to the crotch of President Trump during dinner with the queens. “What should have been an easy cash-in — cute puppies with a splash of Anglophilia thrown in — has somehow morphed into something profoundly unpleasant, and in no way ideal for children, ” the Independent wrote. Guessing nobody can be mistaking this royal tale for the truth.

‘Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story’: Christopher Lee

A scene from the TV movie 'Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story'

Christopher Lee, second from right, seeing that Prince Philip in “Charles & Diana: A Noble Love Story. ”

(Graham Wooden / Daily Mail/Shutterstock)


Uk actor Christopher Lee, exactly who died in 2015 , played Prince Philip in this 1982 AKSARA TV movie. Lee, typecast early in his career being a horror actor, was eventually better known for playing Saruman in the “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” films and Count Dooku within the “Star Wars” films. This individual was knighted in actual life by Prince Charles last year.

‘The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana’: Stewart Granger

Stewart Granger smokes a cigarette at the airport in London in 1960

Actor Stewart Granger, which played Prince Phillip inside a 1982 TV movie, is definitely shown at the London airport terminal in 1960.

(Brian Calvert / Linked Press)

Stewart Granger, a British actor exactly who died in 1993, was actually an old friend associated with Prince Philip, according to UPI . The news service said Granger enjoyed playing his royal buddie in a 1982 TV movie on CBS. Coming out annually after Prince Charles plus Princess Diana were betrothed, the movie reflected their romantic relationship as a dream pairing; this even ended with a chance of Charles and Di cooing over a newborn Knight in shining armor William. “All the task lacks is an irresistibly pretty dog, ” the New York Times said.