Specifically it like to portray Lucille Ball? Nicole Kidman says she’s ‘free-falling’


Nicole Kidman is currently “free-falling. ”

The particular “Being the Ricardos” actor or actress made that reveal in the conversation with comedian and “Fargo” star Chris Rock and roll, published Thursday by Variety . In the film, Kidman plays Lucille Ball to Javier Bardem’s Desi Arnaz.

“I am way out of my comfort zone right now, Bob. I’m free-falling…. I’d love to be funny. I’m by no means cast funny, ” the girl said.

Not that she’s facing any kind of expectations. Like, for instance , Rock’s high expectations, which sparked Kidman’s out-of-the-comfort-zone response.


“Oh, the God. Lucille Ball provides this thing. She could learn anything in a weekend, ” he said. “So they would, like, write something on the show where she plays the tuba, and she would go, ‘I can’t play the tuba. Give me two days. ’ She’s Mount Everest. Just one of the most talented people to ever roam our planet. ”

No pressure at all.

Kidman felt the heat as soon as she was cast in the role. “I Love Lucy” fans on social media were quick to say that Debra Messing should play the comedy legend , especially given her on-target portrayal of the “Lucy” character doing the Vitameatavega min commercial in an episode of “Will & Grace. ” Messing herself tweeted “I’m available” after Kidman’s casting was announced.

“The strange thing about Lucille Ball is that everyone thinks we’re remaking the ‘I Love Lucy’ show, and it’s so not that, ” said Kidman, 53. “It’s about Lucy and Desi and their relationship and their marriage. It’s very deep, actually. ”

The Australian actress said she approaches each role “through feeling, ” but she appreciates the technical aspects as well, considering them “homework. ” Especially when she’s portraying a cultural icon like Ball.

At the least there’s a safety net now.


“The great thing about an accent is you can always go and fix it in looping, ” Kidman said. “So within an accent, I’ll put the full time in. I’ve had to put in an enormous amount of time on Lucille Ball right now because she’s a very particular way of speaking. ”

Amazon Studios’ release date for “Being the Ricardos” has not been announced.